War Memorial Bill Fast Tracked

by Desk Editor on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 — 8:02 PM

The National War Memorial Park (Pukeahu) Empowering Bill has completed its first reading and been put on a fast track.

Arts Ministers Chris Finalayson said the bill had to be dealt with quickly so work could be completed on the war memorial park by the centennial commemoration of the Anzac Day landings in 2015.

The bill would ensure the memorial was completed in a proper setting and deal with the issue of State Highway One running so close to it.

Labour MP Charles Chauvel said the bill would not have been necessary if Finlayson had not sat on his hands because of his “bitchiness and spitefulness’’ towards the original plan because it had been put forward by the former Prime Minister Helen Clark.

The bill was sent to select committee by 105 to 14 with the Greens and Mana opposing due to their objection to the shortened process with the committee instructed to report back by September 18.

MPs began the committee stage of the Taxation (Annual Rates, Returns Filing, and Remedial Matters) Bill and debate was interupted when the House rose just before 10pm.

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