About ParliamentToday

Independent. Non-Partisan. Multimedia.

ParliamentToday is an independent reporting service, funded by the Office of the Clerk, providing summaries from the debating chamber and committee rooms of the New Zealand House of Representatives.

It is the only regular source of reports dedicated to parliamentary proceedings, featuring live reports of debates and results of divisions in the chamber.

Daily and weekly radio reports (also available as podcasts) carry all the most significant events and highlights from Question Time, debates and select committees. Our web page ParliamentToday.co.nz is constantly updated and is the only contemporary source of the results of votes.


The service was established in 1994 by then Clerk of the House, David McGee, and is modelled on “Today in Parliament” which is broadcast by the BBC as required by legislation passed in 1945.

ParliamentToday is funded by the Office of the Clerk and operated under contract by experienced parliamentary reporters.

Initially a radio programme, ParliamentToday has developed into a web service which supplements conventional broadcasting with written, audio and video coverage of the House and select committees.

Stay informed

As well as being easily accessible via the website ParliamentToday.co.nz, audio programmes are available on radio – reports five and ten minutes are produced on each sitting day, and weekly programmes of 15 and 28 minutes are broadcast on a range of stations including RNZ National (see overleaf).

We also have a presence on YouTube (highlights from the chamber) and iTunes (5min podcasts from the chamber and select committees).

In addition, our popular Twitter account (ParliamentNZ) provides links to stories/articles/videos/podcasts from our website; live tweets from Select Committees & Question Time; also links to Daily Questions + Order Paper, Featured Stories, Committee Reports, Committee Media Statements, Committee Schedules, Bills Digests and Parliamentary Research Papers on the Parliament.nz website.


For any further information please email parliament.today@gmail.com or call 04 817 6745

Radio Programmes & Podcasts
Our reports are available across a number of stations & websites, including:

Daily 5 min Programme
with Tom Frewen
aired on: RNZ National (at 6.55pm), Radio Live (nationwide); Classic Gold (South Island), Wellington Access, Kapiti Access, BigValleyRadio (Coromandel), Radio Dunedin

Daily 10min Programme
with Tom Frewen
aired on: RNZ National (at 5.45am)

Weekly 15min Programme
with Tom Frewen
aired on: RNZ National (Sundays at 7.30am, repeated Sundays at 10.45pm), Radio New Zealand International (RNZI, pan-Pacific), Access Manawatu, Radio Kidnappers, Plains FM (Christchurch), Kapiti Access, Compass FM (North Canterbury), Otago Access Radio, BigValleyRadio (Coromandel), bFM (Auckland), Classic Gold (South Island), FreshFM (Nelson)

Weekly Access 28min Programme
with Tom Frewen
aired on: Access Manawatu, Wellington Access Radio, the Radio Reading Service

Daily 5min report & Weekly 15min report – as well as Weekly Access reports, are produced as Podcasts on iTunes, Scoop.co.nz, ParliamentToday.co.nz, the RNZ website and are also available via RSS.

Podcasts via iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/podcast/parliament-today/id678756651

Podcasts via RSS: http://parliamenttoday.co.nz/?feed=podcast

Programme via RNZ: http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/inparliament#