Education Reform Bill Progresses

by Desk Editor on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 — 5:56 PM

The bill setting up partnerships schools or charter schools as they are commonly known has progressed in Parliament.

Hekia Parata said changes to the Education Amendment Bill in select committee would ensure partnerships councils worked with families, communities and businesses to set up a school model alongside state schools.

One of the changes would set up a new dispute process for students and parents involved in partnership schools and giving the ombudsman jurisdiction in this area.

The committee had also made changes to clarify the legal powers of all schools on issues of search, surrender and retention.

If a teacher or other authorised person had reason to suspect a student had a dangerous item then they could require them to shown and taken.

Labour MP Chris Hipkins said the bill would not do anything good for education and it was just a gift of Charter schools to ACT MP John Banks in order to retain his vote.

There was no evidence that charter schools would lead to any better educational outcomes

“It is a recipe for disaster’’.

Many of those who supported charter schools did not support them having unqualified teachers working in them.

Associate Education Minister John Banks said the law change would allow innovation in education when the first partnerships schools opened next year.

The bill completed its second reading by 63 to 57 with National, Maori Party and ACT supporting.

MPs then began the three hour set piece debate on the performance and current operations of Crown entities, public organisations and State Enterprises.
Earlier in the day a motion approving the budgets for the Officers of Parliament was passed.

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