Gilmore Goes Peacefully

by Desk Editor on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 — 3:20 PM

National MP Aaron Gilmore has said goodbye to Parliament saying it was the not place or time to attack those who he believes did him wrong.

Aaron Gilmore sought and received leave to give a personal statement after he handed in his resignation as an MP.

This follows Gilmore’s poor behaviour in a restaurant and then his subsequent actions explaining what happened.

The list MP said his errors of judgment had become an unnecessary distraction for the Government and had caused harm to him and his family.

“I behaved rudely… I behaved badly.’’

Gilmore said he gone through the five stages of grief in the past week and this included the desire for vengeance against those he believed had done him wrong.

“I have done many stupid things in my life.’’

He had decided like others before him that when caught in media storm of his own making it would be best to stand aside and rebuild a private live.

Gilmore said he would continue to support National, the National Government and John Key.

He said those who had been goading him and hoping he would lash out in his final speech were in for disappointment as it would be unseemly to leave Parliament in that manner.

Gilmore became emotional and his last words in Parliament were “Babe I am coming home.’’

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