Questions for Oral Answer – May 28

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1. ANDREW WILLIAMS to the Minister of Finance: How many new jobs, if any, are forecast in Budget 2013?

2. Hon KATE WILKINSON to the Minister of Finance: How did the Budget on 16 May contribute to the Government’s economic programme?

3. DAVID SHEARER to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his statements?

4. ALFRED NGARO to the Minister for Social Development: What announcements has she made about providing support for breakfast in schools?

5. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Minister of Finance: Has he received any official advice since the sale of Mighty River Power on how many retail investors are expected to buy shares in Meridian Energy; if so, what is the forecast for the number of retail investors in Meridian Energy?

6. Hon DAVID PARKER to the Minister of Finance: How much revenue will ACC levies over and above those recommended by ACC in 2012 contribute to the Crown’s finances in 2013/14 and if he had followed the advice of ACC what would have been the effect on the surplus or deficit in 2014/15?

7. SCOTT SIMPSON to the Minister of Justice: What steps have been taken recently to stop child sexual abuse online?

8. Hon DAMIEN O’CONNOR to the Prime Minister: Does he have confidence in his Minister for Primary Industries?

9. KATRINA SHANKS to the Minister of Health: What investments in Budget 2013 is the Government making to better help mothers with post-natal distress and other mental health conditions?

10. GRANT ROBERTSON to the Minister of Justice: On what date did applications for the position of Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner close in the most recent appointment process, and on what date did the Ministry of Justice receive an application from Dr Jackie Blue?

11. CHRIS AUCHINVOLE to the Minister of Conservation: What benefits does he see in the access agreement negotiated between the Department of Conservation and Bathurst Resources for its mine on the Denniston Plateau?

12. CATHERINE DELAHUNTY to the Minister of Conservation: Does he agree with advice from his own Department of Conservation, in regards to Bathurst’s plans for an opencast coal mine on the Denniston Plateau, “there would be significant and irreversible adverse effects on the conservation values and overall ecological integrity of the application area and the Denniston Plateau should the proposed activity be approved”?


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