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by Desk Editor on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 — 6:03 PM

Two new National MPs gave their maiden speeches in Parliament this afternoon.

After Question Time and the General Debate, MPs debated and noted the Privileges Committee reports on the Question of privilege concerning the defamation action Attorney-General and Gow v Leigh and its Interim report on Question of privilege concerning the agreements for policing, execution of search warrants, and collection and retention of information by the NZSIS.

Paul Foster-Bell said in his maiden speech he was delighted to be joining the National Party caucus as he believed it to be the only one capable of leading the country properly and “correcting nine years of socialist misrule’’.

He intended to keep his head down and learn the ropes from more experienced people. Foster-Bell thanked many people and spoke about his time working abroad for MFAT.

Foster-Bell said National had its roots in uniting the diverse parts of the productive sector to govern in the interests of all New Zealanders. He was “resolutely opposed to socialism’’ and wanted to be a champion for trade and the opponent of protectionism and xenophobia.

Foster-Bell described himself as a blue-green and a blue liberal and in favour of a constitutional monarchy.

Claudette Hauiti acknowledged her family and friends, and expressed her gratitude to John Key and the rest of National for getting her into Parliament.

She described herself as “explicitly Maori’’ and came to the House with humility and humbleness.

Hauiti talked about the Maori migration to the cities which brought opportunities to many, but also left many in poverty and disconnected from their heritage. She also spoke about the “the joy of rat hunting at the Moerewa tip.”

She believed in self-responsibility and entrepreneurship, and talked about her time in the media and working with Willie Jackson.

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