Urgency Resumes At Nine

by Desk Editor on Thursday, July 4, 2013 — 8:09 AM

Parliament resumed at 9am today as the House continues to sit under Urgency provisions.

MPs returned to the interrupted committee stage debate on the State Sector and Public Finance Reform Bill.

There will be a Question Time at 2pm.

The following Bills remain to be dealt with under the Urgency Motion.

• the committee stage and third reading of the Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Drainlayers Amendment Bill and any bills into which it may be divided
• the committee stage of the Taxation (Livestock Valuation, Assets Expenditure, and Remedial Matters) Bill
• the committee stage of the Airports (Cost Recovery for Processing of International Travellers) Bill
• the committee stage of the Administration of Community Sentences and Orders Bill
• the committee stage of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (Covered Bonds) Amendment Bill, and
• the committee stage of the Medicines Amendment Bill

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