Representation Committee Members Nominated

by Desk Editor on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 — 3:59 PM

The Government and the Opposition’s members on the Representation Committee have been nominated by Parliament despite the Greens and NZ First objecting to the process.

Two motions making the appointments were passed by 99 to 21 with former MPs Roger Sowry and Pete Hodgson to be the Government’s and Opposition’s representatives and Daniel Takutaimoana Te Kanawa and Whetumarama Werata to represent the Government and Opposition for the purpose of determining the boundaries of the Maori electoral districts.

The Greens and NZ First said they system was an echo of First Past the Post thinking which resulted in Labour and National putting up their nominations and with their numbers forcing their will on other parties in the House.

The Commission redraws the electorate boundaries taking into account the latest census figures and relevant electoral law which lays down the desirable size, number and location of electorate seats.

Electorate boundaries are no longer as crucial as they were under the FPP electoral system, but are still of intense interest to many sitting electorate MPs and those who wish to take those seats off them.

MPs then began the committee stage debate of the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Bill.

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