Vulnerable Children Bill Sent To Select Committee

by Desk Editor on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 — 5:03 PM

MPs are considering the use of restriction orders against those who may pose a risk of being child abusers.

The Vulnerable Children Bill completed its first reading on a voice vote though many parties expressed some concerns about aspects of the bill.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said the omnibus bill was a detailed one which would create two new acts and amend another number of bills to make “bold and controversial” changes to protect vulnerable children.

The bill aims to make departments and agencies work together to develop child protection plans requiring abuse to be identified and dealt with.

People who are believed to pose a high risk to children could have restriction orders placed upon them based on the balance of probability, with restrictions commensurate with the risk they posed.

Bennett said she hoped those parties with concerns about the bill would allow it to go select committee for examination.

Jacinda Ardern said Labour had serious concerns about parts of the bill though it supported the intent and as a result it would be supported to select committee.

The bill was sent to the Social Services Committee on a voice vote and MPs began the first reading debate on the Credit Contracts and Financial Services Law Reform Bill
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