Questions for Oral Answer – November 6

by Desk Editor on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 — 11:42 AM


1. Hon DAVID PARKER to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by his statement that a publicly-owned insurer is a “dumb idea”?

2. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his statements regarding Government policy?

3. Hon TAU HENARE to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received on the economy – and especially on further signs of improving economic momentum and increasing business and consumer confidence?

4. Hon SHANE JONES to the Prime Minister: Does he have confidence in his Ministers?

5. Hon PETER DUNNE to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: What advice has he received on the call from Amnesty International opposing the appointment of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa as Chair of the Commonwealth for the next two years, and host of next week’s Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting?

6. Hon CLAYTON COSGROVE to the Minister responsible for the Earthquake Commission: Does he still believe that New Zealanders can have confidence in EQC?

7. MARK MITCHELL to the Minister of Commerce: What steps is the Government taking to introduce more competition into the housing construction market?

8. JAN LOGIE to the Minister of Justice: When she said, in response to whether the pre-trial and trial process precludes some sexual violence victims from complaining “quite clearly, it does not”; did she mean that few sexual violence victims are deterred from complaining by the process itself?

9. Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Prime Minister: Does he have confidence in the Minister for State Owned Enterprises?

10. JACQUI DEAN to the Minister of Corrections: What recent announcements has she made on the redevelopment of prison facilities?

11. PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister of Housing: Does he stand by his statement that the housing situation in Christchurch is “a challenge, not a crisis”?

12. CHRIS AUCHINVOLE to the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage: How does the Government intend to mark the centenary of the First World War?


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