Govt’s Last Business Statement Of Year

by Desk Editor on Thursday, December 5, 2013 — 2:32 PM

When Parliament resumed at 2pm Deputy Leader of the House Anne Tolley outlined the Government’s priorities for the last sitting week of the year.

Tolley said next Tuesday the Government would seek to progress the Subordinate Legislation (Confirmation and Validation) Bill (No 2), Consumer Law Reform Bill and the Taxation (Annual Rates, Employee Allowances, and Remedial Matters) Bill.

The House would sit on Wednesday morning to debate two motions one appointing Sir John Hugh Williams as Chairperson of the Electoral Commission for a term of three years; and another moving

• the recommended amendments to the Standing Orders set out in Part 2 of the report of the Standing Orders Committee on Members’ attendance, absence and suspension be adopted, as a sessional order, with effect from 1 January 2014,
• the sessional order relating to compassionate leave that was adopted by the House on 26 September 2013 be revoked with effect from 1 January 2014, and compassionate leave under the sessional order of 26 September 2013 granted by the Speaker for a period after 1 January 2014 be treated as permission to be absent granted under new Standing Order 37B(1).

MPs would also debate the Mokomoko (Restoration of Character, Mana, and Reputation) Bill and the Royal Succession Bill. A debate would also be held on the Health Committee’s report on its Inquiry into improving child health outcomes and preventing child abuse, with a focus from preconception until three years of age.

A petition requesting the House ensure accurate glucose measurements are available for diabetics was presented.

The annual report of the Maori Language Commission and the Export Education Levy report were presented, as was the Auditor-General’s report, Immigration New Zealand: Supporting new migrants to settle and work.

Select committee reports were presented on:

2012/13 financial review of non-departmental appropriations for Vote Education and Vote Science and Innovation by the Education and Science Committee

2012/13 financial review of the Education Review Office by the Education and Science Committee

2012/13 financial review of the Ministry of Education by the Education and Science Committee

Briefing on Health Workforce New Zealand work programme by the Health Committee

Briefing on New Zealand Health Innovation Hub by the Health Committee

Petition 2011/24 of Tracey Marceau on behalf of Christie’s Law Group and 58,000 others by the Law and Order Committee

Petition 2011/69 of Ravi Vas Vahora by the Health Committee

The Overseas Investment (Owning our Own Rural Land) Amendment Bill was introduced and MPs began Question Time.

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