Welfare Fraud Bill Passes

by Desk Editor on Thursday, April 17, 2014 — 5:07 PM

Partners of those who commit welfare fraud could be held culpable for the offending after a bill passed its third reading today.

Associate Social Development Minister Chester Borrows says at the heart of theSocial Security (Fraud Measures and Debt Recovery) Amendment Bill was fairness. Welfare fraud was unfair and should not be tolerated.

The few who committed fraud cast a cloud over all beneficiaries. If a partner knowingly benefitted from a fraud they should also have to face legal consequences.

Sue Moroney said if the bill was about fairness then it would be talking about dealing with tax fraud on the same basis. The bill was part of the “relentless beating up” of beneficiaries, but Labour would support it because it had some good points.


The bill completed its third reading by 102 to 17 with the Greens, Maori Party and Mana opposed.

The third readings of the Land Transport Amendment Bill (No 2) and Road User Charges Amendment Bill, both divided from the Land Transport and Road User Charges Legislation Amendment Bill were also completed on a voice vote and the House rose early just after 5pm for the Easter adjournment.

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