Questions For Oral Answer May 8

by Desk Editor on Thursday, May 8, 2014 — 12:00 PM


1. DAVID BENNETT to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received about increasingly broad-based growth in the economy?

2. Hon DAVID PARKER to the Minister of Finance: Does he have confidence in the expenditure figures used in Budget 2014?

3. MELISSA LEE to the Minister of Housing: What progress is the Government making in addressing the housing supply and affordability issues, particularly in Auckland and Christchurch?

4. HOLLY WALKER to the Minister of Immigration: Has he discussed issues relating to his immigration portfolio at Cabinet Club events; if so, on how many occasions?

5. PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister of Housing: Does he stand by his statement, “The Government is committed to supporting as many Kiwi families as possible to achieve the goal of owning their own home”; if so, is home ownership increasing or decreasing according to the latest Census?

6. MIKE SABIN to the Minister of Police: What steps are the Police taking to ensure psychoactive substances are removed from the market?

7. SUE MORONEY to the Minister of Finance: Will he use a financial veto on the Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Six Months’ Paid Leave) Amendment Bill to stop families from having 26 weeks paid parental leave?

8. CATHERINE DELAHUNTY to the Minister of Energy and Resources: Will he rule out granting mineral exploration permits in Pureora Forest Park?

9. Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Minister of Immigration: Did the Government instruct Immigration New Zealand to review the Investor Plus scheme of $10 million; if so, for what reason?

10. CLAUDETTE HAUITI to the Minister of Health: What investment will the Government make in Budget 2014 to help fight rheumatic fever?

11. HONE HARAWIRA to the Minister of Finance: How is the Government able to claim its management of the economy is “on the right track” when Māori youth unemployment continues to be unacceptably high at 22.1 percent, which is higher than when they took office, and nearly four times higher than the latest population-wide unemployment rate?

12. Hon TREVOR MALLARD to the Minister of Immigration: Why did he personally call on Donghua Liu to receive his representations on immigration policy following Donghua Liu making a donation to the National Party?


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