Banks’ Resignation Officially Presented

by Desk Editor on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 — 2:13 PM

The resignation of Epsom MP John Banks from Parliament taking effect from last Friday was officially notified to MPs when the House resumed at 2pm.

A petition asking the Minister of Health to look into the use of auto injectors was presented.

The Ministry for the Environment’s Statement of Intent and the Prime Minister’s Notification to the House of Representatives of the date of the General Election 2014 was presented, as was the report of the parliamentary delegation to Thailand, Myanmar and Japan.
Select committee reports were presented on the:

Judicature Modernisation Bill by the Justice and Electoral Committee

Parliamentary Privilege Bill by the Privileges Committee

Briefing on Policing and Prisons in Auckland by the Law and Order Committee

Report from the Controller and Auditor-General, New Zealand Police: Enforcing drink-driving laws, February 2013 by the Law and Order Committee

Briefing on pest control of plants and animals including wildling pines and rabbits by the Primary Production Committee

Petition 2011/88 of Sym Gardiner by the Health Committee

Petition 2011/98 of Carrie Hetherington by the Health Committee

Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s Financial Stability Report, May 2014 by the Finance and Expenditure Committee

The Arts Centre of Christchurch Trust Bill was introduced and MPs began Question Time.
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