Judges Pecuniary Interests Bill Voted Down

by Desk Editor on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 — 9:10 PM

A bill relating to judges pecuniary interests has been discharged.

The Register of Pecuniary Interests of Judges Bill sought to create a pecuniary interests register for the judiciary, but the select committee considering the bill was unnecessary and should not pass.

During the debate Alfred Ngaro said he was disappointed Kennedy Graham put the bill back on the Order Paper after agreeing to take it off as it had been overtaken by the Judicature Modernisation Bill and the committee had decided it was not necessary.

Mr Graham took umbrage at this and sought to make a personal explanation saying he had taken this as an insinuation of bad faith which he took offence at. Mr Graham was unable to complete his explanation as he stumbled over Standing Orders.

Green MP James Shaw said the bill was well intentioned and his party would be moving amendments in the spirit of the bill when the Judicature Modernisation Bill was in its committee stage.

The bill was defeated by 106 to 16 with Greens and Maori Party in favour.

MPs began debating the Social Security (Clothing Allowances for Orphans and Unsupported Children) Amendment Bill.

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