Prostitution By-Law Bill Discharged

by Desk Editor on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 — 4:55 PM

A long debated bill concerning by-laws and prostitution in South Auckland has been voted down.

The Manukau City Council (Regulation of Prostitution in Specified Places) Bill was discharged at its second reading .

Annette King speaking on behalf of the local MP Su’a William Sio said the Bill had a long history. The first version of this bill was introduced more than a decade ago by George Hawkins to address the growing numbers of street prostitutes in parts of South Auckland. It was defeated, she said.

MPs were now debating a second version of the bill which was introduced in 2010. Since then the Manukau City Council has been merged into the wider Auckland Council. The purpose of this bill is to authorise the Auckland Council to make bylaws prohibiting the business of prostitution or commercial sexual services in specified public places.

Mrs King said few bills had so much debate, reports written and advice received at a select committee level. Before the election the committee had come to the decision the bill was not needed. Auckland Council could make by-laws if it so chose and if Parliament passed a by-law for it, then other councils might wish to come to the House for MPs to pass by-laws for them.

Mrs King said it was time to put debate on the bill to an end.

Tracey Martin said NZ First did not agree with the bill being discharged as while it was true councils’ could make by-laws on prostitution, the experience was they could not be enforced. She said it was not practical for council by-law officers to issue tickets to prostitutes and the committee should have done more to sort it out.

The bill was voted down by 111 to 9 with NZ First favour of the bill proceeding.

Debate began on the third reading of the Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Six Months’ Paid Leave) Amendment Bill.
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