Leaky Homes Bill To Select Committee

by Desk Editor on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 — 5:51 PM

A bill making technical amendments to legislation for those seeking assistance from the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service has been sent to select committee for consideration.

Housing Minister Nick Smith said the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Amendment Bill was intended to ensure the financial assistance package to help those with leaky homes was used with the least possible amount of litigation

There were still around 1147 claims for financial assistance covering 3528 homes with an estimated cost of $115 million before the service. He said the bill made technical changes and validated decisions which could be challenged on technicalities.

The bill also extends the planned expiration date of the financial assistance package to ensure those in the system but not completed by July 2016 still can access the funds.

Clayton Cosgrove
said Labour would support the bill to select committee as it appeared on the surface to address a number of issues.

The bill was sent to the Local Government and Environment Committee on a voice vote with a report back of July 31.

MPs then began the first reading debate on the Radiation Safety Bill
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