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by Desk Editor on Thursday, May 28, 2015 — 2:14 PM

The Government will give priority to an ACC bill when the House sits next week.

On behalf of the Leader of the House Anne Tolley said next week the Government would look to complete the Budget Debate and give first readings to the Accident Compensation (Financial Responsibility and Transparency) Amendment Bill and the Electronic Monitoring of Offenders Legislation Bill. Wednesday would be a Members’ Day.

Shadow Leader of the House Chris Hipkins asked Mrs Tolley whether she had seen a report which said the House had the least amount of business before it in 20 years and whether she would take up his suggestions to make more time available for members’ bills.

Mrs Tolley said her only comment was this was a very efficient Government.

Reports by the Intelligence and Security Committee on estimates and supplementary estimates were presented.

MPs began Question Time.

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