Papers, Petitions And A Bill

by Desk Editor on Tuesday, June 30, 2015 — 2:13 PM

When Parliament resumed at 2pm a petition was presented requesting the House take necessary steps to ensure inflatable children’s rides are operated safely.

Ministers presented reports including:

Commerce Commission Statement Of Performance Expectations.

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Statement Of Strategic Intentions.

Statistics NZ Statement Of Strategic Intentions

Auditor-General’s Annual Plan 2015/16

Government Response to the Recommendation of the Officers of Parliament Committee regarding the requirement for annual audits of cemetery trusts and reserves boards

Kordia Group Limited, Statement of Corporate Intent 2016

Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Statement of Intent 2015-2018

Select committee reports were presented on the:

New Zealand Flag Referendums Bill by the Justice and Electoral Committee

Policing (Cost Recovery) Amendment Bill by the Law and Order Committee

Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s Monetary Policy Statement, June 2015 by the Finance and Expenditure Committee

Briefing on pest management by the Primary Production Committee

Petition 2014/0001 of Alasdair McNab and 2,400 others and Petition 2014/0004 of Graham Deadman and 4,500 others by the Commerce Committee

2015/16 Estimates for Vote Audit by the Finance and Expenditure Committee

Report from the Controller and Auditor-General, Auckland Council: How it deals with building consents by the Finance and Expenditure Committee

Thirteenth Biennial Conference of the Australasian Council of Public Accounts Committees (ACPAC), South Australia, 15 to 18 April 2015 by the Finance and Expenditure Committee

The Taxation (Transformation: First Phase Simplification and Other Measures) Bill was introduced.

MPs began Question Time

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