Anti-Casino Bill Defeated

by Desk Editor on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 — 6:05 PM

A bill attempting to strike down the SkyCity convention centre deal has been defeated.

The New Zealand International Convention Centre Act 2013 Repeal Bill would have repealed the New Zealand International Convention Centre Act 2013 and its sponsor Tracey Martin appealed to ACT MP David Seymour to back the bill to select committee.

Ms Martin argued the deal with SkyCity was crony capitalism and as ACT opposed corporate welfare it should support her bill. The convention centre deal was a bad one and she doubted whether Sky would keep its end of the bargain.

National MP Melissa Lee said the bill would effectively ruin and wreck the Government’s attempt to develop public/private partnerships to help the economy. The deal with SkyCity would enable a world class convention centre to be dealt without the taxpayer having to pay for it.

David Seymour said National’s deal was “socialist” and Labour were “hypocrites” which led to some disorder. All parties opposed and supporting the deal were being “philosophically inconsistent” about Government intervention when it suited them or it did not. He could not support the bill because it would leave the taxpayer exposed breaching a $400 million contract.

The bill was defeated by 61 to 60 with National, ACT and United Future opposed.

The House adjourned for the dinner break.
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