Foreign Home Owners Bill Reported Back

by Desk Editor on Tuesday, August 18, 2015 — 2:10 PM

A bill on new rules for foreigners purchasing homes in New Zealand has been formally reported back from select committee.

When the House sat at 2pm a number of documents were presented these included the Finance and Expenditure Committee’s report on the Taxation (Land Information and Offshore Persons Information) Bill.

Sports Minister Jonathan Coleman moved a motion congratulating the New Zealand netball team for its performance in the World Cup, it was passed on a voice vote.

Ministers also presented the Internal Affairs Department Statement of Intent 2015/16–2018/19.

Other select committee reports presented included the reports on the petitions of Peter McKenzie on behalf of the Barnabas Fund (NZ) by the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee and the Petition 2011/0100 of Deborah Cox and 6 others by the Local Government and Environment Committee.

NZ First Leader Winston Peters sought an apology from Speaker David Carter for allegedly muttering “Shut up Winston” during a recent proceeding. Mr Carter said he had not made the comment as his microphone had picked up another person’s comments.

MPs then began Question Time.

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