Grinding Through Committee Stages

by Desk Editor on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 — 10:44 AM

The Government is planning to grind its way through the committee stages of a number of bills today.

Following Question Time, the House is scheduled to go into committee. First up will be the Accident Compensation (Financial Responsibility and Transparency) Amendment Bill, which was supported by all parties except NZ First during its earlier stage. The bill has been described by the Government as the “Fiscal Responsibility Act for ACC”. Opposition parties have been more critical describing it as mostly window dressing.

This will be followed by the Passports Amendment Bill (No 2), which extends the life of passports to 10 years and is widely supported, and the Tariff (Free Trade Agreement between New Zealand and the Republic of Korea) Amendment Bill. This Bill amends law to implement the trade agreement with Korea and was earlier opposed by NZ First and the Greens.
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