Home Carers Settlement Bill Introduced

by Desk Editor on Thursday, September 24, 2015 — 2:14 PM

A Bill to settle the long running dispute over payments to community-based caregivers was introduced when the House resumed at 2pm.

The Home and Community Support (Payment for Travel Between Clients) Settlement Bill implements a settlement between the Crown, District Health Boards, providers of home and community-based care and support services, and certain unions on behalf of home and community-based care and support employees.

The Leader of the House Gerry Brownlee said when Parliament resumed after a fortnight adjournment the Government would give priority to a number of first readings including the Environment Canterbury (Transitional Governance Arrangements) Bill and the Taxation (Transformation: First Phase Simplification and Other Measures) Bill.

The Wednesday would be a members day

The Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs Statement of Intent 2015-2019 and a report on the Speaker’s visit to Fiji were presented.
Select committee reports were presented on the Controller and Auditor-General, Annual Plan 2015/16 by the Finance and Expenditure Committee and the Petition 2014/0005 of Tracie Shipton on behalf of Dingwall Trust and 186 others by the Social Services Committee.
MPs then began Question Time.

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