Long Standing Reserves Bill Passes

by Desk Editor on Thursday, September 17, 2015 — 10:39 AM

A supposedly non-controversial bill which caused some controversy has finally passed into law after it was introduced in 2008.

The third reading of the Reserves and Other Lands Disposal Bill was completed on by 107 to 12 with NZ First opposed as the House sat under Extended Hours provisions this morning.

The bill was introduced in 2008 and was reported back from select committee in 2009.

The usually non-controversial omnibus bill dealing with technical reserves and other land title issues managed to get a few people’s backs up during its slow passage

These included the classification of land in Albert Park and its use for an art gallery.

The select committee expressed disquiet at Parliament being drawn into the arguments over the move, but the technical land title changes would proceed as Land Information Minister Louise Upston said in the past it did not retrospectively validate any actions. No validation was necessary and the bill merely made the management of the land more simple and less costly.

There was also much debate about the bill being amended in select committee to change the status of a reserve in Northland for the benefit of a commercial business. This was then removed in the committee stage after another former responsible minister Maurice Williamson said it was wrong to make such controversial changes without public consultation.

NZ First opposed the bill saying the passage of time had made it a mess. They argued it should be withdrawn or sent back to select committee.

MPs began the first reading of the Building (Pools) Amendment Bill.
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