Pool Fencing Bill Sent To Select Committee

by Desk Editor on Thursday, September 17, 2015 — 11:46 AM

A bill overhauling rules around the fencing of pools has been sent to select committee.

The responsible minister Craig Foss said the Building (Pools) Amendment Bill would rebalance the law as while the rules around fencing pools had reduced drownings, they were cumbersome and expensive to administer.

The bill would bring in a more consistent approach. Some councils had rules around spa pools, there were different interpretations around ponds and what was a fence, while others had inspections and others did not.

In particular the bill allowed spa pools to be not fenced if they had a child proof cover. It would also standardize inspections making them five yearly

The bill was supported by all parties and was sent to the Local Government and Environment Committee for consideration.

The House then rose and will sit again at 2pm.

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