Refugee Bill Leave Denied

by Desk Editor on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 — 2:12 PM

When Parliament resumed at 2pm leave was declined when Green MP Denise Roche sought to introduce a bill to raise the refugee quota.

A petition was presented requesting the house amend legislation to allow children in the long term care of the state or foster care be recommended for adoption by court order.

Papers were presented:

New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF), Te Ope Kaatua o Aotearoa, Statement of Intent 2015–2018

Animal Control Products Limited, Statement of Corporate Intent, 2016–2018

Housing New Zealand Corporation, Statement of Performance Expectations 2015–2016

Armed Forces Canteen Council, Annual Report, for the year ended 31 March 2015

Select committee reports were presented on the:

Taxation (Annual Rates for 2015-16, Research and Development, and Remedial Matters) Bill by the Finance and Expenditure Committee

Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Bill by the Local Government and Environment Committee

Petition 2011/0124 of Ann Hodgetts and 744 others by the Law and Order Committee

Petition 2014/0019 of Julie Stibbs by the Transport and Industrial Relations Committee

The Wellington Town Belt Bill was introduced and MPs began Question Time.

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