Wellington Town Belt Bill Progresses

by Desk Editor on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 — 7:49 PM

A bill intended to strengthen protection of the Wellington Town Belt has been sent to select commit.

The first reading of Wellington Town Belt Bill was completed following the dinner break.

Wellington Central MP Grant Robertson moved the bill on behalf of the Wellington City Council. The bill had a long history with it first mooted some 14 years go.

The horseshoe shaped area running around the centre of Wellington now covers 400 hectares. And he said was a remarkable asset and the bill would ensure it survived for years to come.

It had begun as a reserve of around 600 hectares for the betterment of the city, but overtime the Town Belt was eaten into by various projects including the building of Government House and roading projects, he said.

There were various laws governing the protection of the Wellington Town Belt and the bill would bring these together and give clear guidance to the Wellington City Council to protect the Town Belt for public recreation and further defines what public recreation means, Mr Robertson said. The bill also gave the ability for land to be added into the Town Belt and this would mean the addition of over a 100 more hectares into it immediately.

The bill completed its first reading on a voice vote and was sent the Local Government and Environment Committee for consideration.

MPs then began the first reading of the New Zealand Superannuation and Retirement Income (Pro Rata Entitlement) Amendment Bill. The bill in the name of NZ First MP Denis O’Rourke proposes entitlement to New Zealand Superannuation be based on a person’s length of residency in New Zealand between the ages of 20 and 65.
Earlier the report “Question of privilege regarding use of social media to report on parliamentary proceedings” was debated and the House noted it on a voice vote.
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