Next Week’s Business Statement

by Desk Editor on Friday, December 4, 2015 — 11:19 AM

On Thursday 3 December Leader of the House Gerry Brownlee delivered a statement relating to business of the House next week.

Hon GERRY BROWNLEE (Leader of the House): Next week is the final sitting week for 2015 before members head back to their electorates to conduct constituent business pre-Christmas, or conclude that business. On Tuesday 8 December the Government will advance a number of first readings in the Order Paper. On Wednesday 9 December the Government intends to progress the Subordinate Legislation Confirmation Bill and the first reading of the Statutes Amendment Bill before moving the confirmation of the 2016 sitting programme and the 2015 adjournment.

CHRIS HIPKINS (Senior Whip—Labour): Can I just clarify with the Leader of the House, given that the House has already confirmed the 2016 sitting calendar, that, in fact, he does not intend to make any further changes to it and propose an alternative calendar to that which the House has already approved?

Hon GERRY BROWNLEE (Leader of the House): The House has approved it by way of a Business Committee decision. The House has not entered into a debate that sees the House, upon its rising, sit on the following dates. I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. It may be an opportunity to move the motion relating to the auditor for the Office of the Auditor-General, if that would be all right to go outside of the current riding order—I am seeking leave.

Mr SPEAKER: The member can take the opportunity of moving it. So, effectively, we are calling on Government order of the day No. 1.

Hon Gerry Brownlee: No, I will wait—that is fine.

Mr SPEAKER: It would certainly be tidier.

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