Questions to Ministers – Feb 16

by Desk Editor on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 — 12:49 PM

  1. Dr JIAN YANG to the Minister of Finance: How will Budget 2016 support further growth in jobs and wages, while maintaining the Government’s fiscal management?
  2. JAMES SHAW to the Minister of Finance: Has he read recent economic reports from ASB and Westpac and is he planning on doing anything differently as a result?
  3. ANDREW LITTLE to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement regarding Labour’s fees-free post-school study policy that “the question will simply be that if it is completely free, will there be any control on the quality”?
  4. MAHESH BINDRA to the Minister of Corrections: Is she aware that a prisoner escaped from Middlemore Hospital in December 2015; if so, when was she made aware of the incident?
  5. JONATHAN YOUNG to the Minister of Communications: What recent announcements has she made on the progress of Ultra-Fast Broadband and Rural Broadband Initiatives?
  6. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister of Health: Does he stand by his statement last week on Canterbury District Health Board that “I was down there in November announcing the extra $13 million, and that is more than ample to cover the $4 million that Canterbury said was necessary to cover mental health demands”?
  7. NUK KORAKO to the Minister for Building and Housing: What reports has he received on the issues of rock falls, liquefaction, and building performance arising from Sunday’s earthquake in Christchurch, and what implications do these have for the ongoing rebuild work for the city?
  8. RON MARK to the Minister of Police: Is she satisfied with Police numbers in New Zealand?
  9. KELVIN DAVIS to the Minister of Corrections: Why was the Law and Order Committee not told at the Corrections Estimates hearing last year about either the 2009 or 2014 investigations into organised prison violence at Mount Eden Corrections Facility?
  10. Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all of his Government’s policies?
  11. BARBARA KURIGER to the Minister for Primary Industries: What recent reports has he received on growth in beef exports to Taiwan?
  12. Hon DAVID PARKER to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: Who will own the abattoir at the Al Khalaf Agri-hub in the Saudi Arabian desert and how much taxpayer money has been spent on it since further spending was suspended in August 2015?

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