Questions to Ministers – June 15

by Desk Editor on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 — 11:47 AM

  1. CHRIS BISHOP to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received on the outlook for the New Zealand economy?
  2. JAMES SHAW to the Prime Minister: Does he have confidence in all his Ministers?
  3. ANDREW LITTLE to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement that “I expect high standards from my Ministers and I hope they maintain those standards … if they don’t, then obviously I will take action if necessary”?
  4. JONATHAN YOUNG to the Minister of Immigration: What recent announcements has the Government made to support refugees?
  5. DENISE ROCHE to the Minister of Immigration: Does he stand by his statement that “we take our international humanitarian obligations and responsibilities seriously”, given that the Government will not make any permanent increase to the refugee quota for another two years, at a time when we are facing the biggest refugee crisis since World War Two?
  6. PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister for Social Housing: What time and date was she first aware that her staff member had released or was going to release information about a Police investigation into Te Puea Marae Chairman, Hurimoana Dennis?
  7. DAVID SEYMOUR to the Minister of Revenue: Does he think the tax system for New Zealand businesses is fair and equitable?
  8. Dr JIAN YANG to the Minister of Education: What reports has she received on the final NCEA results?
  9. CARMEL SEPULONI to the Minister for Social Development: Does she stand by all her statements?
  10. TODD BARCLAY to the Minister for the Environment: What steps is the Government taking to reduce the risk of New Zealanders being exposed to asbestos-containing products?
  11. DENIS O’ROURKE to the Minister of Transport: Will the Civil Aviation Authority reduce its charges to its general aviation customers for the 2015-16 year?
  12. STUART NASH to the Minister of Police: Does she believe the Police have sufficient resources to deliver on the community’s expectations around law and order?

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