Questions to Ministers – Sept 15

by Desk Editor on Thursday, September 15, 2016 — 11:38 AM

  1. DAVID BENNETT to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received on the economy?
  2. METIRIA TUREI to the Minister for Social Development: Ka whakaae a ia ki tā Te Kaweneti o Te Kotahitanga o Ngā Whenua o Te Ao mō Ngā Tika tamaiti, e tono rā kia whakatūturu tana Kāwanatanga, me noho taungaroa rawa atu ngā pānga pai o te tamaiti, i roto i te hinengaro, ka whakamanahia ana ngā ture e pā ana ki ngā tamariki?

    Translation: Does she accept that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child requires her Government to ensure the best interests of the child shall be the paramount consideration in the enactment of laws relating to children?

  3. GRANT ROBERTSON to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by all his statements?
  4. MATT DOOCEY to the Minister of Science and Innovation: What new investment has the Government announced in high-quality scientific research?
  5. CHRIS HIPKINS to the Minister of Education: Will she now recommend to Cabinet that the global budget proposal not proceed, given the sector advisory group recommended it not proceed and the Prime Minister has said that the Government “wouldn’t really be progressing the issue unless they could get the other stakeholders on board – the unions and others”?
  6. DENIS O’ROURKE to the Associate Minister of Transport: Is he satisfied with current requirements for overseas drivers in New Zealand?
  7. JAMES SHAW to the Minister of Conservation: Does she stand by her statement that Vote Conservation has not been cut?
  8. MELISSA LEE to the Minister of Education: What recent announcements has she made regarding teaching Asian languages?
  9. STUART NASH to the Minister of Police: Does she stand by all her statements?
  10. RICHARD PROSSER to the Minister for Primary Industries: Why is the Ministry for Primary Industries developing an import health standard for mushroom compost which contains animal manure?
  11. NUK KORAKO to the Minister for Small Business: How is the Government addressing the recommendation from the 2015 Small Business Development Group report to continue to make it easier for small businesses to access information and advice?
  12. RINO TIRIKATENE to the Minister for the Environment: Does he accept that consultation with Māori was inadequate prior to the announcement of the Kermadec Sanctuary; if so, will he now apologise for that mistake?

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