Questions to Ministers – Dec 6

by Desk Editor on Tuesday, December 6, 2016 — 1:05 PM

Questions to Ministers

  1. DAVID BENNETT to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received confirming New Zealand’s sovereign credit rating?
  2. METIRIA TUREI to the Prime Minister: Ka tū ia i runga i te mana o tana kōrero “I honestly wish I could have changed the flag”, i te wā i pātaitia ai, he aha tana tino pōuri nui?Translation: Does he stand by his statement that “I honestly wish I could have changed the flag”, when asked for his greatest regret?
  3. ANDREW LITTLE to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by his statement that “the prices you pay for a house are ridiculous”, given New Zealand house prices have risen by over 50 percent since he made that statement?
  4. SARAH DOWIE to the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment: How is the Government ensuring New Zealanders gain the skills needed in a growing economy?
  5. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister of Health: Does he expect an estimated 533,000 New Zealanders who did not visit a GP due to cost in the last year to continue to wait for primary care reform which might “form part of a future Budget”, possibly under a different health Minister as stated by him?
  6. MATT DOOCEY to the Minister of Transport: What progress has the Government made on repairing damage to transport infrastructure following the Kaikōura earthquake?
  7. PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister for Social Housing: Does she stand by her statement, “look I can’t guarantee that”, when asked if anyone living in a car can go to a Government agency today and get a roof over their head tonight?
  8. RON MARK to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by all his statements?
  9. DAVID CLENDON to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by his statement to this House that “having surpluses does not mean that the Government can go spending more money on ineffective public services or infrastructure that may not be needed”?
  10. CHRIS BISHOP to the Minister of Education: How is the Government helping students use the internet for learning?
  11. STUART NASH to the Minister of Police: Does she think there is any correlation between the closure of over 20 Community Policing Centres and the 13,000 increase in victimisations in the last 12 months; if not, why not?
  12. MELISSA LEE to the Minister for Women: How is the Government encouraging more young girls and women to pursue career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and maths?

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