Freedom Camping Bill Progresses

by Desk Editor on Thursday, June 9, 2011 — 6:07 PM

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The Freedom Camping Bill passed its first reading debate by 108 voted to 10 with the Greens and Chris Carter opposing.

Freedom Camping Bill Progresses

The Freedom Camping Bill passed its first reading debate by 108 voted to 10 with the Greens and Chris Carter opposing.

It was referred to the Local Government and Environment Committee for consideration

The House adjourned at 6pm and will sit again next Tuesday,

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S Wilson June 12, 2011 at 1:08 am

It was a relief to hear Labour Party members and Green Party members speaking on this bill.

This bill is rubbish – to discourage visitors at a time of world recession when visitor numbers are threatened. What are those governing us thinking?
To put out a ban on the entire sector of non self contained campers when the numbers of ‘non self contained people’ committing this crime must be somewhere in the region of less than 1 in a hundred of such types.
Of course we don’t know the numbers because they haven’t been investigated. Which is the worst thing; to create a law without research. There should be info on these peoples’ activities, spending habits, age ranges, whether they solely freedom camp or use our camping grounds/motels in combo, whether they return to the district/country. The causes also haven’t been investigated, day trippers also need toilets and can be caught out, perhaps travelling long distance in a car should be banned too. This lack of hard facts is a shocking indictment on the state of our Government and Council’s respect for the law.
This law is not a good reflection on NZ.
I hope that there are massive changes to it. Allowing non self contained campers to use reserves with toilets would good.
Suggestion: Government take a small percentage of the money that they collect from petrol and the vehicle hire industry and help our districts set up areas where freedom campers can stay, instead of rushing through a law banning half of this sector completely.

Keep up the good work those of you with integrity.
Thank you.
S Wilson


Allan H August 18, 2011 at 2:46 pm

Reply to Mr S Wilson.
Dear Sir are you a member of the NZ Motor Caravan Association ? I think and agree with you that this “Freedom Camping Law’ that is beoing rushed through Parliment should be refererred to the NZMCA and clarified by the ‘Code of Conduct’ that this Association has already set nationally through out New Zealand. Which is “pack out what you packed in’ and leave as though you had never been there , if not leaving tidier that when you arrived. “Freedom Camping” is REALLY a NZders perocative and inheritance to our beautiful camping in the wild be it beside the Sea Or End of Roadway.


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