Opposition MP’s Bill Shot Down, National MPs’ Bills Proceed

by Desk Editor on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 — 10:05 PM

Opposition MPs had no luck on Members’ night, though National backbenchers made some progress.

The Habeas Corpus Amendment Bill which implements the recommendations of a 2007 Law Commission report was sent to select committee on a voice vote.

Opposition MPs said while they supported the bill it was an attempt by the Government to chew up time available for members’ bills with legislation that should be deal with through a Government bill.

The Local Government (Salary Moderation) Amendment Bill was defeated by 61 to 59 with National, ACT and United Future opposing.

Annette King said it was first time in her long career that she had a bill in her name drawn from the ballot.

The bill proposed making it a requirement that the remuneration of the chief executive of a local authority be approved by the State Services Commissioner.

King said the bill was inspired by anger at the levels of salary increases to council chief executives.

National MP Nick Smith said the bill was a “desperate attempt’’ by Labour to catch up with public concerns that local government spending was out of control. He said the Government had introduced legislation to curb council’s expenditure, but this was opposed by Labour.

The first reading of the Prohibition of Gang Insignia in Government Premises Bill was interrupted when Parliament rose at 10pm.

The bill is set to progress with majority support.

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