ITO Reform Passes

by Desk Editor on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 — 5:15 PM

The Government says it has completed reform of industry training with the third reading of a bill tonight.

Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce said the Industry Training and Apprenticeships Amendment Bill completed the Government’s “comprehensive reform” of industry training to create a high quality system.

Industry training had “been a mess” when National took office with large amounts of money being spent with too few people actually getting trained, he said.

The system had been riddled with “phantom trainees” who had been signed up, but received no training.

Grant Robertson said Labour opposed the bill. His party believed in a well-trained workforce to provide people with a career and to boost the economy.

Industry training was essential and the bill had some good elements, such as making training more available to older people and reorganising the ITO structure. However, Labour did not support the ability to directly fund employers to deliver training. This was tantamount to privatisation and would see large companies use tax payer funds to give skills to people which could only be used within the company.

The bill completed its third reading by 64 to 56 with National, Maori Party, ACT and United Future in favour.

Earlier a Government notice of motion on alterations to the appropriations for Parliament’s Officers (such as the Ombudsman’s Office) was passed on a voice vote.

MPs began the second reading debate of the Vulnerable Children Bill.
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