Questions For Oral Answer April 1

by Desk Editor on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 — 11:32 AM


1. Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his statements regarding the Northland by-election?

2. ALASTAIR SCOTT to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received showing how the performance of the New Zealand economy is translating into benefits for New Zealand families?

3. ANDREW LITTLE to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement that “falling off a high horse in Northland can force ACC levies up”; if so, is that why the Government has set work and earners levies above the levels recommended by ACC?

4. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Minister for Building and Housing: Does he agree with the Reserve Bank Governor’s advice in relation to proposed changes to the Welcome Home Loan Scheme and KiwiSaver Subsidies that: “over the longer term, subsidies have the potential to add to existing house price pressure in what is a highly overvalued market”; if not, why not?

5. PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister for the Environment: Is he, like the Prime Minister, relaxed about the effect of dropping major RMA reforms on new housing supply, and does he agree with the Prime Minister that there are “mixed views” about how much his reforms would have addressed Auckland’s housing shortage?

6. TODD MULLER to the Minister for Social Development: What is the Government doing to support people receiving superannuation in retirement?

7. Dr DAVID CLARK to the Minister for Economic Development: Does he agree with the Prime Minister when he says of the people of Northland: “They want more. They want to go faster”; if so, does he believe that this view on the economy is unique to the people of Northland?

8. DENISE ROCHE to the Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety: What is the size of the gap between the New Zealand minimum wage hourly rate and the Australian national minimum wage hourly rate?

9. Dr PARMJEET PARMAR to the Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety: How is the Government helping to support new parents?

10. MAHESH BINDRA to the Minister of Corrections: Is he satisfied that staff-to-prisoner ratios are adequate for staff safety in all of New Zealand’s corrections facilities?

11. IAN McKELVIE to the Minister for Small Business: How will small and medium businesses benefit from the Government’s proposals to simplify the tax system?

12. Hon PHIL GOFF to the Minister of Defence: Does he stand by his response yesterday “well, why would you?” when asked if he would publicly release details regarding the level of protection afforded to New Zealand personnel in the upcoming deployment to Iraq?


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