Rugby World Cup Pub Bill Advances

by Desk Editor on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 — 5:34 PM

A bill which would allow pubs to open for broadcasts of Rugby World Cup matches has been sent to select committee.

This bill provides for extended licensing hours during the period of the 2015 Rugby World Cup so that premises covered by the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 will be able to be open for the broadcast of world cup matches.

Bill’s sponsor David Seymour said he would keep his speech short as some had criticised him for taking up the time of the House. People had also questioned whether the bill was needed, but he felt consenting adults should be able to have fun and gather to watch the Rugby World Cup together.

Currently applied to all games to be broadcast and Mr Seymour felt this should apply to reflect New Zealand’s diverse populations.

Justice Minister Amy Adams said National would be supporting the bill to select committee and not treating it as a conscience vote. She said the bill was dealing with unusual circumstances. National’s position at this stage was those circumstances warranted relaxation of licensing laws for the All Black’s matches and the knock-out stages, but was not yet convinced it was necessary for all of the competition’s matches.

In general, Ms Adams said she believed the liquor law was working will and this bill was not a signal for any major rethink.

Labour’s David Parker said his party would be treating it as a conscience issue. Mr Parker said the bill also highlighted the lack of public television rights for major sporting events.

Kevin Hague said for the first reading Green MPs would be voting as a party. He felt the best way to proceed with the issue was how special licenses were being treated and whether it was being done in the way Parliament intended. However there was not time for this to take place.

The bill was sent to the Justice and Electoral Committee on a voice vote with a report back date of by August 26 when it will go through all remaining stages.
MPs then returned to David Parker’s Minimum Wage (Contractor Remuneration) Amendment Bill, which seeks to extend the minimum wage to contractors.

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