Parliament Today Late Edition October 5

by Desk Editor on Thursday, October 6, 2011 — 1:10 PM

The Government Notice of Motion relating to the adoption of amendments to Standing Orders was passed on a voice vote. The committee stage of the Road User Charges Bill was interrupted when the House rose shortly before 10pm.


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fiona Denzel February 13, 2012 at 2:17 pm

we feel these changes to the road user charges bill is unfair. We have a motorhome which we are now going to have to pay over Double the road user charges with this bill. We have to pay for vehicles that are heavier than we are. We weight 7650kg full loaded, our GVM is 10,500kg, so we will have to run a 15000kg sticker and we only weight 7650kg. We know other people that there GVM is 6300kg, they weight fully loaded 4700kg, they will have to run a 10,000kg sticker. The charges over double , none of us will get to those weights, why should we be penalised for the heavy trucks that are used every day, we only use ours every second weekend. We only do 5000km a year, but with these changes we will have to sell our motorhome because we wont be able to afford it and a lot of others are in the same situation, they govt yet again has taken away something from the hard working middle income people that want to be able to see there own country on weekends, and now it will be put out of our reach. Well F##### done Gerry Brownlee. Why cant you give the motorhomes a break. We have no issue on paying road users, but for what we weigh not for something we will never weigh.


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